March 18, 2024

On Friday, March 15, the Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) faculty and staff at Columbia College hosted SLP Day for proslp day keynote speakersspective and current students as well as alumni to spread awareness about the field and how it continues to impact our community and our world. Keynote speakers joined the event to share how they have personally and professionally been impacted by the profession. The event also featured campus tours, lunch, and an educational fair where students and visitors could interact with employers and graduate programs. 

Keynote speakers included SLPs Allison Croxton and Ashley Brigman and community members Leslie Simpson and Sonya Payne.  Allison Croxton is a research SLP at the Center for the Study of Aphasia Recovery at the University of South Carolina, and Leslie Simpson is an accomplished lawyer and stroke survivor.  Ashley Brigman is an SLP and the owner of Busy Bee Therapy and Sonya Payne is a grandmother to an adorable little boy, Brayden Taylor, who has been receiving speech and language therapy services for the past eighteen months. Through each personal experience, professional achievement, and developmental milestone shared, the influence and importance of the field of Speech-Language Pathology was revealed. Attendees were even invited to ask questions about the undergraduate program and the process of becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist.  

President of Columbia College John Dozier shared, “This is an event where we celebrate the beauty of communication and the mysteries of language. Speech-Language Pathology reveals with a touch the very essence of humanity, bridges gaps, fosters connections, and enables individuals to reach their fullest potential.” SLP faculty and staff are committed to broadening and expanding the field of Speech-Language Pathology through the Columbia College undergraduate program. By organizing events and initiatives like these, Columbia College hopes to prepare students to enter the workforce with professionalism and equipped to impact their communities and the world. 

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